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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 5, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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told. i am oliver north. good night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump today unloading on the national media for nitpicking his contributions to veterans charities. he said reporters should be ashamed of themselves for their hyper critical reporting on his good deed raising nearly $6 million for veterans while his rivals clintons and sanders hasn't he said done anything for veterans. >> i think the media is frankly made up of people that in many cases, not in all cases, are not good people. but i think this is an example.
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and i just on behalf of all of the folks that have worked hard on this and all of the people that have made contributions including myself, i gave $1 million, but i just want to tell you that there are so many people that are so thankful for what we did. there is a lot of money and i didn't have do that. if would have been easier just to give the speech. the press convince people like me not to give money. >> and i'll be talking with trump's national co-chair and chief policy adviser sam clovis, also ed rollins, michael good n goodwin. we have a lot to discuss including trump slamming big krystle for his threat to draft a third party candidate. trump reportedly thinking about recruiting david french, someone you've likely never heard of. it would also mean that a bunch of elitists and big money men
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will have circumvented the republican presidential process. that's why chrbill kristol oig his allies look look like fools. and hillary clinton, up ending her campaign schedule to focus on california. the democratic frontrunner clearly concerned about the possibility of an embarrassing upset by senator bernie sanders next week. we'll have that report coming up here tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump now deadlocked in the swing state of new hampshire. a new franklin pierce university boston herald poll shows both with 44% of the vote. looks like the state of new jersey will also be in lay during the general election as donald trump has suggested. a new monmouth poll showing clinton leading trump by only four points. new jersey has backed democrats
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in every presidential election since 1992. if he can flip new jersey, he can flip just about any state it would seem to me. joining me tonight, ed rollins, michael goodwin. good to have you both here. let me start, michael, with you. i mean, if trump can do this in new jersey, he may have 15 states where he can play. >> well, look, we've already seen dead heats in pennsylvania, ohio and florida. the three most populous of the potential swing states. and i think that with something like 67 combined electoral votes, if trump were able to hold romney's 202 i think it was or 212, that would put him close to or over the top. my math is a little rusty. >> sounded like 279 to me. >> it's new jersey that he's
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really -- >> he's showing off. >> but i think that if that pattern holds and we begin to see that as the election draws closer, it certainly will be a very interesting election. >> is it your judgment that he can make that kind of hay this year? >> i think he can. i think there is a long ways to go. everybody is gnashing their teeth at the things he's saying, but i think he's defined not by his words, but by his actions and people see him as a leader who is tough, strong at a time the country needs a leader. >> you say that, and at the same time, i think his words do matter. and i think they matter a lot to a lot of people. he's got more votes than any republican in history and you still have five states to go. he is galvanizing a group of people in this country who have given up all hope frankly of ever being represented in
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washington, d.c. >>ic that's true, but high point is you don't need -- >> i get the civics lesson, but i'm not running for anything. and it's a great burden not to have to carry. >> and he just needs to shift and go beat up the democrats. that's what the drill is ahead of this, to beat up the democrats. >> a little intervention coming here. a little fellow by the name of bill kristol. he's decided he's going to be a king maker. and his boss who owns the weekly standard, they will pluck be somebody out, ignore the fact that there is a presidential primary process and play spoiler. what do you think? >> i think you're right that that is the goal, to play spoiler. and what i understand is it's to have a third party candidate, not even to win a plurality of the electoral college, but simply to win enough states that no candidate would win a majority and that it would go to the house. and i'm beginning to wonder if paul ryan isn't part of that
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plan, that ryan's refusal to endorse trump makes less sense given as you said the party is consolidating behind him, polls say 8 in 10 republicans want the republican leaders to unite behind trump. paul ryan being conspicuous in his refusal to do so, i wonder if he isn't keeping himself a free agent in the event the election does come to the house because there is no electoral college majority. >> it's not going to the house. >> well, this is quite a construction. >> you know, you can't forget two former republican governors running on the libertarian ticket, we would and johnson. they will get a few votes. but after months and months of trying to find a candidate, no offense to mr. french if he's the person, but -- >> why would you not want to e offend him some>> i'?
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i've offended enough people of late. trying to keep my wife happy at home. but you can take an unknown person at this point and throw him into the mix. >> you don't think bill kristol are short on the uberous? >> i do. i think to a certain september they don extent they don't understand the game. it's trump who is clearly getting more and more stronger. and clinton is getting weak. >> and i don't care who i offend. i really don't. let's get to the truth of this. this is an anti-establishment wave election waiting to unfold. the establishment is desperately clawing and reaching for any possibility it can to save its power. bill kristol kerepresents that element of our body politics,
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the people who have had their way if 40 years in this country without interruption. and it's in more than that, no less than that. and trump scares the hell out of them. i don't think there is anything that they won't stoop to, including this little maneuver. >> i think gatekeepers of all kinds are being thrown aside aboin this election. it is a peaceful revolution. and it is upsetting a lot of apple carts. >> you get the last word here. >> the neocons are a very small element of the republican party who basically have done a lot of damage over the years. >> they have torn to pieces. they have done a lot of damage to the country, don't let anybody kid you. >> and had a much bigger voice than they deserved. so my sense is this could be the end of them as a factor. >> bill kristol could be at risk irrespective of what he does or does not do with david french. do you agree?
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>> totally. >> where did you go there sf. >> i thought i had the last word 30 seconds ago. >> you did. >> i promise you in about ten days mr. french if he's even inclined to run is not going to run. he will discover that there is no money there, no resources. and he's going to come to his sanity. >> and you don't even have to be famous. sometimes less so even have. thank you both so much. the state department has issued a travel warning to americans who plan to head to europe this summer. government officials are warning about a higher risk of terrorist attacks throughout europe especially at large events such as the european soccer championship, tour de france. john kirby says no specific threat led to the travel warning, but he says the government wanted to make their concerns for american lives known.
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in other travel news, the largest airline in latin america announced it is suspending flights to venezuela because of the country's economic crisis. venezuela has run out of basic goods and staples. a severe drought and the possibility of a coup. it is essentially already a disaster and we are told it will only worsen. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. . donald trump giving back and sacrificing a lot in his run for president. so what does the liberal national media do? why attack him, of course, instead of crediting his generosity. >> on behalf of the vets, the media should be ashamed of themselves. they are furious because i sent people checks of a lot of money. instead of being like thank you very much, mr. trump, or trump did a good job, you make me look very bad. >> the national co-chair of the
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trump campaign sam clovis brings me next, he will bring us up-to-date on how the fight is going to make america great again. a life or death situation at a zoo leaves spectators in shock. and much of the country trying to figure out what happened. we have the latest for you right after these messages. don't go anywhere. we're coming rig
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joining us now, trump campaign national co-chair and chief policy adviser sam clovis. sam, great to have you with us. let's start with the big news which is developing here, and that is bill kristol whom your boss says is basically a damn fool seems intent on bringing david french, an attorney from an all but unknown place in our society, to about as prominent as you can get candidate for president. what do you make of it ? >> it's really interesting. i'm surprised at what bill is trying to do. a lot of us have had a lot of respect for bill and the weekly standard oig. and i first came in touch with the kristol family withirving, bill. i can't imagine what the
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motivation is for this is. if the issue is to expand the debate, that's one thing. but to go out here and to do this, to derail donald trump or hillary clinton just seem as fool's errand to me. >> it's a strange thing. and obviously donald trump is more than a little upset by it. >> right. >> because i think as michael goodwin said on our broadcast earlier this evening, you know, this looks like pretty clearly a play that is at work and it's unfolding, we know that there have been all sorts of organizational developments over the course of the past five months on the part of kristol and others that may include paul ryan, may include mitt romney and a few other folks. certainly would have to include billionaire owner of the weekly standard which has a circumstance lakes of about 50,000 people if you believe circulation numbers. is this a search for relevance?
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what is the deal? >> well, i think you've touched on something. it is a search for relevance. but the other thing is i think what we're having here is protecting the status quo, protecting what is going on inside washington, d.c. and i think that -- i want to just offer this up for thought. i think that we've had people who have hijacked this term conservatism and they're really not conservative. and i'm a russell perk bill buckley guy and you and i have decided this before. and i don't see that these guys have really done anything conservative over the last decade or two. but they have hijacked the term and they expect everybody to think that what they do is true con searservatism and it's not close. >> nothing makes me laugh harder than people explaining to me and to america how paul ryan and mitt romney are the appropriate arbiters of who is and who is not a conservative. i mean, it's hilarious.
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>> it is hilarious. and it's nonsense. and what i think has happened is a lot of times and i'll put the media into this, as well, one of -- three things you do in a campaign. you raise money and we're starting it do that process. second, you get votes and we've been very successful doing that. and the third is you have to educate the voting public. and i think one of the things that we're doing now is we're expoeding a lo of the people out here washington, inside the media establishment, inside the donor class, inside a lot of other areas for what they really are. and this is really what they are. they're a special interest that do not have the interests of the american people in the forefront of of their thinking. and i think this is exactly what we're finding out. >> when you see mitt romney, paul ryan, bill kristol and again phillip -- the names and the list will grow larger of course. but when you see them working so hard on come up with this
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contridencp of a ris seen conservative that has had a test by only the elite, not the presidential primary process, and they insert their man into position to thwart the bill of tens of millions of voters, you've laid out the case for donald trump right there and for millions of americans who say this establishment, tease elites no longer deserve a place that they have been entrusted to over the course of decades. it's insane. >> it is. and i think you've touched on something because it is a populist uprising and movement. and i harken back to democracy in america, a lot of people haven't read it, but i have and it resonates so much today, resonates with me so much thinking about his appreciation
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for the american people and the quality and caliber of the american people and i think for far too long we've been dismissive or certainly the establishment has been dismissive of the american people and think finally we're getting back in touch and the american people are getting in touch with us and this is one of the reasons donald j. trump is doing as well as he is. >> and sam clovis, you're also part of that reason. we thank you for being here. >> always an honor to be on with you. cincinnati police now considering criminal charges following an incident, a tragic incident, at the cincinnati zoo over the weekend. a 450-pound endangered gorilla killed after a 4-year-old child fell into the animal's enclosure. it's unclear where the soozoo o the mother of the boy will face charges or both. the story captivating the country so much that even donald trump weighed in. >> i don't think they had a cho choice. i mean probably they didn't have a choice.
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you have a young child at stake. and, you know, it's too bad there wasn't another way. up next, donald trump confident he will win the trump university lawsuit. >> i'll win the trump university case. i could settle that case. i could have settled it. i just choose not to. in fact when i ran, they said why don't you settle up that case. i don't want to settle up the case. because i'm a man of principle. >> that's the subject of my commentary here next. much more straight ahead.
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that's wonderful. thank you very much. oh boy. thank you. ♪you make me feel so young ♪you make me feel so spring has sprung♪
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a few thoughts now on what is one of the most transparent judicial hit jobs ever. i've talked about this before. the so-called class action lawsuit against trump and his now defunct trump university. i just want to put it in context. there are currently three lawsuits against trump on trump university. one of them filed by new york's democratic attorney general who long ago established himself as nothing more than a democratic
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activist devoid it seems of almost any impulse beyond the political, more partisan and prejudice than any prosecutor should ever be. and there are two class action lawsuits out in california. and how many plaintiffs are represented in those three lawsuits? because here we go. i'm going to add it up. let me get to the total. six. six of them. one named in one suit. five, count them, five, named in the other lawsuit. both being adjudicated by a federal judge out in california appointed by president obama. to put those six plaintiffs in perspective and context, they are six out of somewhere around 10,000 people who were students at the trump university. six. out of about 10,000. good grief. how big is the role of the democratic party in all of this is this wel ? well, as the math would suggest,
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it's so simple that you would get democratic are involved. the federal judge presiding over the california cases is an obama appointee. how political is he? he had ordered a hearing on the first day of the national convention, but he recanted after news outlets took note of his blatant motive. and one of the law firms representing the plaintiffs, i can't tell you if it's two, three or four or five, robbins, geller, rudman and dowd paid the clintons almost $700,000 in speaking fees. and it includes speeches made while the lawsuit has been you said way. that might to some laymen seem like a conflict of interest, but not for the law. of course hillary clinton today trying to capitalize on the lawsuits saying they're proof that trump is a doggone fraud.
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doggone is my word. that after taking the law firm's money and lots of it. that's audacity and lots of it. trump has maintained that kuriel is and itity trump. wonder where he gets that idea. last weekend the judge ruled in favor of a plaintiff's attorney's motion to release sealed confidential documents in the case, internal playbooks and depositions. but as these things are want to happen, in those depositions, plaintiff and former student art cohen acknowledged he had few complaints until he learned trump didn't personally hand pick the instructors. even when asked if he was unhappy withly experience, company help responded, quote, no, i was not unhappy. in fact, the presentation that james harris gave where he upsold me to a $35,000 investment was a very good presentation. in fact, gave a positive review of that presentation.
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as trump has frequently noted, there is nothing fair about this case. and in large measure, thanks to a politically activist federal judge in california and publicity hungry democratic attorney general in new york, that is not likely to change soon. the quotation of the evening, this one from will rogers who said "people are getting smarter nowadays. they're letting lawyers instead of their conscience be their guide." we're coming right back. stay with us. donald trump is fighting off attacks from every corner. the liberal national media and of course hillary clinton. will clinton's scandals be her undoing or just a boost for trump in the general election? >> i think the report is a disaster. it really shows that she's corrupt if you think of it. i mean it's not just the report. it shows that she's corrupt. >> and up next, this driver puts on a high speed performance
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complete with a wild ramp up he certainly will never forget and likely neither will we because we'll be watching the heart-stopping video here nex
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh.
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uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig more top news for hillary clinton. a brand new nbc news "wall street journal" marist poll shows hillary clinton virtually tied with bernie sanders in, that's right, california. 49% to 47%.
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clinton returns to california tomorrow and that poll you're look at may be a good part of the reason why, trying to stave off what would be if it were to occur an embarrassing upset which couldn't come at a worse time for her. joining us thousannow, chairman american conservative union and also political strategist. good to have you both here. i mean, what is this woman doing? what is she doing? this was supposed to be a coronation. >> and it is absolutely -- her campaign has got to be so upset right now that we're that close in california where she would have thought that she had a by a landslide and had it nailed by now. the problem she's having, she has no narrative, no enthusiasm. >> tune whdo you know what this like? it sound like 2008. i hear the same words, i see the same candidate. >> only thing that i say is
4:35 am
different from '08, as a republican look at the democrats, she actually got to be a better candidate as it went along. this time i don't see an improvement. i accepsense a fridge i willitye she's even more removed. >> she hasn't had that press conference what, where -- >> 179 days. >> over 180 days. it's incredible. and the national liberal media. you talk about baked in and baked for. the national media, i mean they' they're gag-worthy in their coverage of this day in and day out. >> she has been on her heels the whole time. she's not laying out a proactive agenda. what does she stand for? when all these people are saying i'm with her, what does that mean? no one can really answer the question and that will make it almost impossible for her. >> she believes in the pivot. she's always wanted to be this kind of bill clinton be in the
4:36 am
energy type of politician. hear me out. she wants to at least have the marketing of that loop. but in the meantime she has bernie sanders over here and she's going to out populist, progressive, out liberal bernie sanders. and she is -- she's a late personality candidate. >> her campaign is so clumsy that they have her out attacking donald trump for $5.6 million he turns over to the veterans and she according to the "los angeles times" comes up with $105,000. >> they thought they had him. they thought they had him. >> but this is down right stupid. and i don't see anything about her campaign that says we're going to get smarter after california, after the convention, in the general election. meanwhile donald trump has to put up with all of this nonsense. i mean i don't blame him for being so frustrated. >> the other day when he had his press conference, he's taken a
4:37 am
lot of heat for the way he talked to these reporters. do you know what hillary clinton did at the same time? she made it sound like it was beneath her to have to do press interviews. and i've had to do 300 press interviews. our candidate donald trump has had press conference after press conference after press conference. he answers every question. >> she doesn't talk to anybody unless they're hand picked and i mean as -- >> but there is a -- >> even school kids. >> there is a big authenticity problem with her. she's so closed off. >> you know, you look at what is happening with trump, though. where is the national media taking note of the fact that the man holds press conferences, that he's talking to everyone and i don't care who it is. he'll talk to them. and he doesn't get credit for it. >> in fact he gets criticized for it which is really interesting because he's saying i'm out there, i'm talking to everybody, let me just tell you my story and show you who i am
4:38 am
and people are saying he's dominating the media. it's a complete double stand daustandard. he's doing what we wants to do. he's sharing his vision. >> let's talk about people who don't have a vision. they look like the three stooges. i'm talk about mitt romney, paul ryan and i'm talk about bill kristol. are these pals of yours? because we need to talk. >> they are pals of mine and i have to say, i've been pretty clear with mitt romney and i think what mitt romney needs do in all can ul kall candor, he n a hobby, needs to take up golf. >> what about bill kristol? >> i said what he's essentially doing is trying to ensure hillary clinton gets to pick four supreme court justices. >> i don't think he cares. i think he's a knee owe con oig and nothing more than a residue of a time that is gone. >> they don't understand what is happening. >> it's like you said, step
4:39 am
aside. this arena is trump's and the republican party's and they're no part of either as far as i can see. >> their time is then if not now. and they have to realize -- it's like they're in dem. and so many people are in denial about what is happening in this country. it's easy to be dismissive, but hard to come up -- >> meanwhile the latest polling shows trump has 86% support of republicans. >> that's right. >> he needs 90% according to all the savants. >> i don't know if i agree. >> whether you agree or not, that's what the savants say. how much do you say he needs? >> i think high 80s is good. i think he -- >> 86%, these are the same idiots who 30 days ago were saying that key not unify the party and amongst that crowd were the three stooges. >> and i agree that this is a good number. i also think that we have to look at the independent numbers. an independent numbers are turning to trump and that is a big deal. >> that will be a hoot. >> in the end smart republicans
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will get behind the nominee. >> smart republicans are. the only ones holding back are the idiots. >> fair enough. >> matt, thanks so much. lee, great to see you. and the potential breakthrough in efforts to find out what brought down egyptair flight 804. investigators now say a french navy vessel picked up signals from one of the black boxes. flight 804 crashed last month in the raicmediterranean on a flig from paris to cairo. authorities say they need the data recorders to determine whether the plane was brought down deliberately. a dash cam video captured incredible video. watch as this czech rally car driver loses control. that's why we're upside down and begins a series of flips and tumbles across the grass because the dash cam camera was ejected and landed us face up giving us
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sirius xm has suspended
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glenn beck and high school nis evaluating his place in their future lineup. the move comes days after a guest on his show said donald trump could be a danger in america, he insinuated citizens might have to take illegal measures to remove him there office. he later explained that he he wasn't referring to assassinating the nominee, dealing purely in hypotheticals and of course everything is in the ear of the beholder. joining us now, sarah westwood. p great to have you with us. and also tony, great to have you with us. sarah, let's start with the big news of the day. bill kristol getting the name david french out there. what do you think? >> well, the idea that any candidate at this point would have a chance at even winning one state is pretty farfetched. i mean, even if you're talking
4:46 am
about a well liked, well-known candidate. so now you have bill kristol talking about a writer who most people have never heard of. it just defies logic take that person could have a chance at making a dent in donald trump or hillary clinton vote tallies. >> do you see this as an insult to the millions who have already voted in the process who support donald trump and have made him the nominee of the party when everybody said it was impossible? is this the last writhing possible reach of the establishment seeking to preserve the status quo and their power, sarah? >> well, you know, it's not about winning anymore. it's really just about denying donald trump a win and taking away votes that would otherwise go to him. so whether david french or some of the other names previously floated around -- >> what i'm asking you is this the last desperate gasp of an
4:47 am
establish the. to ment. tone t tony, let me ask you. it just looks desperate.the. ment. tony, let me ask you. it just looks desperate. >> and it's insultsing. i've always been concerned that donald trump play not be the movement conservative i hoped we would nominate, however the most republican primary voters in the history of our entire process have selected him. so if we're the party of individual freedom, individual rights, individual liberty, self-determination, yet our elites are unwilling to recognize the choiz of millions of individual voters in our party as our nominee, i think it's beyond insulting and has potential for real long term damage. and the reality is donald trump today is as well positioned as he's ever been. we've seen the polling change. he's beginning to really put together a strong and organized campaign structure. why would we begin to really hyper focus on things to
4:48 am
undermine a candidate that frankly has begun to right the ship and get it right in the way that we need him to in order to win a general election against the most pathologically flawed and weak candidate on the democrat side. and that's really -- it's shocking to me that we are continuing down these tangents. >> sarah, i know this is a difficult situation for you working for the examiner whose owner also owns the weekly standard oig, but this is a move that would leave all associated with it likely the -- so goes one of the theories articulated today by michael goodwin of the "post" that paul ryan is involved, mitt romney is involved, you know, the whole cluster of elites and
4:49 am
establishment -- i won't call them henchmen or lackeys or puppets, but those who seem to be -- there seems to be a great deal of confidence with their positioning with t ing thinking establishment. that's a difficult situation. >> i think if this had been a serious candidate,oning thinkin establishment. that's a difficult situation. >> i think if this had been a serious candidate, if a real name had stepped forward, maybe this would be a lasting problem. but at this point it's just spinning into the wind. not only have the voters spoken loudly and clearly, but they're floating the name of someone who wouldn't have a prayer in any scenario whatsoever. so this is likely to be quickly forgotten after we move into the serious business of the general election because this is the last ditch effort the that has zero chance. he wouldn't even be able to get on the ballot in many states at this points.chance. he wouldn't even be able to get on the ballot in many states at this points. >> and a segment of the
4:50 am
establishment, and a good size segment of it, is just simply the problem that donald trump is going after, that millions of americans are disgusted with and here kristol and his genius is revealing to the body politics if there was any doubt or ambiguity it in their minds at all. >> it reinforces in some way the trump message of the outsider needing to prevail over a corrupt system basically where there is collusion from both parties in his assessment. so it works to his tafr. b favor. but we need the establishment to coalesce behind him quickly and this is another missed opportunity. >> tony, thank you so much. and sarah westwood, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. t video not for the faint of heart. watch as a group of thrill seekers jump off the edge of a perilously high cliff in norway.
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seems perilously high. captured at all angles. and what deaf defying shot doesn't look better when shot by a drone. red bull and gopro, what they have done to the world. up next, a burlesque dancer banned from a flight because of her short shorts. how short is too short? these shorts. we'll measure it all up next. @od
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joining us now, co-host of red eye andy levy and also correspondent former miss usa. let's get right to it, if we may. sugarla sugarland, texas, if we can go to the video here. because this is the tous is the this may be one of slowest moving shows on television. there it is. that is two young ladies in case there is any confusion taking a selfie in front of the city's town hall. and there are people a little upset about this, andy. can i show you another? this is joanne and myself taking a selfie earlier. look there. >> yeah that's how it should
4:56 am
have been done. okay some that statue i have several problems with it. mostly it's two young women. anyone any gender and age can take selfies. and you were a pro. >> well, thank you very much. joanne is being kind. i didn't it anything other than grin at the camera. but here we have sugarland, why? >> it sounds like you're upset that it's not a selfie of you. >> i was trying to hide it, but you disearncerned it. >> i think the next selfie will be someone taking a sell if i owing of the statue and it will be like selfie inception and go on forever. >> i think in a philosophical sense, this would be an extraordinary creative device. well done, andy.
4:57 am
joanne, your thoughts. >> i think a lot of people are upset about this because usually statues commemorate things that you can't readily see like you can't just see in a photo. but you can see a selfie in the photo. it's what you just took. but i do support the arts and this is creating a lovely discussion about art. >> it is. and speaking of art, arnold schwarzenegger being very coy about whether he will support donald trump for president. your reaction to his studied ambivalence. >> he will support trump. he will endorse trump. everybody will support and endorse trump. we will all work for trump and trump will save us all. >> is that why you're so happy tonight, the realization just occurred? >> sorry, i think i was hypnotized or something. i don't know what you're doing with that key chain, but -- >> just watch carefully.
4:58 am
>> but he will absolutely 100% endorse donald trump. >> can we roll the video of schwarzenegger finally yielding to the will of the republican party here symbolically of course on safari, schwarzenegger's four-wheel drive vehicle, probably a range rover or something, upscaled, running like the dickens from the republican party symbol, the elephant. >> very symbolim symbol lig. ic. and also really fake. come on. he was in south africa promoting a sports expo of sorts. all to gain exposure and he did it. >> but the worst part is it if you listen to the audio, you hear arnold say he's going to charge at us. what kind of schwarzenegger line
4:59 am
is that? like no charge for you. i mean give something like i'm taking charge. to something arnold-like. >> speaking of heros, back to texas, plano high school voting against allowing national honor society members to wear stolls during graduation ceremonies because it's unfair because not all the students would feel hurt. that's hurtful to me. >> i was in the national honor society and i wore it with pride because maybe i didn't have boyfriends in high school, but i had straight as. >> don't look at me like it's my fault. >> it is all your fault. >> i don't know. i think this school is actually maybe getting a bad rap here. they did not say it was about not wanting to leave students out. that was somebody said that -- somebody is claiming that, but they haven't said that and i don't know that it's true. >> well, until we determine the
5:00 am
veracity of the claims made by some of the offended people in plano, texas we'll just have to hold judgment. thank you andy, joanne. and thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night. go . john: they are the major party nominees, finally we have alternatives to trump or clinton. third-party candidates. >> we need a green president. john: who? >> the third party i say makes sense is the libertarian. >> this is the largest convention in libertarian party history. [cheers] >> thousands just gather to choose libertarian nominees for president and vice president. >> this is a chance where like-minded people can come together and try to make the world a better place. >> very exciting for the libertarians. john: refreshing to hear


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